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AbleCommerce Gold Change Log

This document is a list of bug fixes and enhancements corrected between versions AbleCommerce Gold R11 SR1 and R12.  

Released Version: AbleCommerce Gold R12 (Build 9168)

Release Date: 05/05/2016

New Features

  • Create a Back In Stock Notification feature with auto-updates or manual notification

  • E-Payment Integration (support for 93 payment gateways)

  • BeanStream payment integration

  • BluePay payment integration

  • eWay payment integration

  • Moneris payment integration

  • Payeezy payment integration

  • New report for Annual Sales History

  • New Report for Sales by State/Province

  • New Report for Sales by Country

  • New report to compare New and Existing customers

  • Add CustomFields collection to all entities - Wiki update

  • Improve WEB API by exposing customers and orders information  - Wiki update

  • Provide admin ability to add, view, and modify a user's shipping addresses


    * [AC8-3132] - Email template for the new product review trigger     

    * [AC8-3120] - Allow customers to update a stored payment profile

    * [AC8-3058] - Add IHeaderControl and IFooterControl to your CustomHTML

    * [AC8-3053] - Make Google Universal Analytics the default

    * [AC8-3026] - Make it easier to see payment status of paid and unpaid orders

    * [AC8-2985] - Ability to edit bootstrap responsive theme and custom css via the Theme Editor.

    * [AC8-2981] - Product images should be displaying with actual size << See Pre-Upgrade instructions

    * [AC8-2948] - Obtain certification with Chase Paymentech Orbital gateway

    * [AC8-2912] - Expand width of left column on one page checkout

    * [AC8-2901] - Add event triggers for subscription activated and new review posted

Issues Fixed

    * [AC8-3131] - Unit price of the kit is incorrect when bundled and the kit has a sub-product Qty > 1   

    * [AC8-3124] - Subscription doesn't create payment profile if a coupon used to reduce first order amount to 0

    * [AC8-3121] - Issue error code 404 instead of 302 for custom error pages.

    * [AC8-3119] - Reordering a subscription product does not create a subscription

    * [AC8-3118] - Scroll issue with /ConLib/CategorySearchSidebar.ascx on a mobile device

    * [AC8-3117] - Rounding of taxes causes a partial refund payment status instead of a full refund

    * [AC8-3116] - OrderSummary page should check if provider supports Void and Capture actions

    * [AC8-3113] - Recursive infinite loop in CommerceBuilder.Reporting.ReportDataSource.LoadSearchTermsHistory

    * [AC8-3112] - Display page Products with Options grid has different behavior when showing out of stock options  

    * [AC8-3105] - Save username change in admin doesn't warn of duplicates  

    * [AC8-3095] - Recurring subscriptions are not being deactivated after they are expired   

    * [AC8-3091] - Responsive: Discount scope on product page has display problems

    * [AC8-3090] - Ship action throws an error if the Shipping method is deleted  

    * [AC8-3087] - Unused click methods in store settings page  

    * [AC8-3086] - Import data requires the Name field and it shouldn't be necessary

    * [AC8-3084] - BuyProductDialog needs the inline style for width on subscriptions removed

    * [AC8-3083] - Responsive: Kit component products need a space between list and name

    * [AC8-3075] - Add to Cart button needs to be conditional depending on inventory status

    * [AC8-3074] - Responsive: remove thin border around products itemcontainer

    * [AC8-3069] - System report to show orphaned images is not checking the variant image fields

    * [AC8-3068] - Mini-basket buttons need to be aligned the same as the checkout button

    * [AC8-3067] - Responsive: add button color

    * [AC8-3066] - Responsive: change how the pricing is displayed

    * [AC8-3065] - Responsive: change how sub-categories are displayed   

    * [AC8-3064] - Responsive: Fix the LOGIN button size for a product review  

    * [AC8-3063] - AffiliateReferralRule hard-coded to NewUsersOnly  

    * [AC8-3060] - Confusing Authorize.Net error during checkout   

    * [AC8-3059] - Out of stock variants have incorrect availibility status for the Google feed   

    * [AC8-3057] - Payment profile missing payment method name   

    * [AC8-3056] - Product Reviews are missing data and have display issues

    * [AC8-3055] - Wishlist items with desired = 0 throw exception when clicking add-to-basket   

    * [AC8-3051] - Responsive theme: Fix Billing page field alignment issue  

    * [AC8-3049] - CIM doesn't support Refunds   

    * [AC8-3047] - Adding item from the Other Items category on a product page doesn't work if using the Back button  

    * [AC8-3046] - Responsive Bootstrap theme missing file extension for font-woff   

    * [AC8-3042] - Spiders indexing site need to be treated as one user   

    * [AC8-3041] - Reference to Wireframe theme even though it is not being used  

    * [AC8-3040] - Handle redirects properly if mobile pages are indexed in google and later not used

    * [AC8-3035] - Tax providers are added even though you may not complete configuration

    * [AC8-3008] - Message for the Email List Signup with Verification needs to be changed  

    * [AC8-2916] - Ship to multiple addresses needs to work for all checkout types if setting is enabled

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